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How about the science too? Do you enjoy Fantastic classics like Blade Runner, Star Trek, or Star Wars? How about some of the new amazing award winning films/TV such as District 9, Battlestar Galactica, The Expanse or many more?


Welcome to Tribbles and Trilobites Episode 0303 part one, your co-hosts are Troy Bernier and Leslie Owen.  The title for today's topic is Star Trek or Star Wars - The story, evidence, and madness.  A considerable background is covered with our guests Robert Meyer Burnett, Russell Bates, Dr. George Gonzalez, Johan Albrechtsen, Steve Wise, and James Cole. You are going to enjoy this one. 


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This episode we have Lieutenant Commander, Oliver Barrett who has recently retired from the US Marines and Navy.  Currently, he is a Latin America and Caribbean affairs security adviser and analyst.  
He leads the US Pentagon's division responsible for Latin America and the Caribbean initiative to facilitate unclassified information sharing and collaboration with academia, the private sector, and non-profits.  Oliver is the architect of U.S. Southern command’s online alliance building efforts and provides advisory services that have enabled government planners to better connect and collaborate with the civilian sector.  
An accomplished writer, Oliver blogs on foreign affairs issues for several think tanks and organizations.  These have ranged from The Foreign Policy Association in NY to the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition in Washington, D.C.  A former US Marine, and Naval officer, he has served with distinction for over 20 years and is a thought leader in U.S. foreign affairs and ‘smart power’ initiatives.  
Oliver has earned numerous personal and campaign awards during his 20-year career and now resides in South Florida. He joins us to discuss his book titled, "Christian American Bastard - Go Home!" which is about becoming an American, issues on Climate Change and Winning the War on Terror.

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Greetings this is Tribbles and Trilobites Season Three.


We made it to our third season.  Thank you for a fantastic year.  You the fans have requested to have more science in the mix.  Well, today is the start of that.  If you like it let us know.


This episode we have Kyle Sullivan, an Aspiring Filmmaker / Chronic Photographer and Armchair Anthropologist.

Kyle also describes himself as an explorer of the universe, biology, and humanity.  His interests vary from alternative biology to the orbits of eccentric exoplanets to the Pre-Columbian history of the Americas.


He is a co-producer for Trekspertise, and it is a successful show of educational stories which are told using science fiction as their medium.  He was recognized by the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, and he was awarded the rare Europa award.  Note: this award is only to individuals or entities who illustrate the ability to encapsulate entire worlds with their skills.


Recently, Kyle spent a month on a Polar expedition cruise in the vast and mysterious realm of Antarctica.  He was one of the 150+ passengers and crew of the MV Ortelius, a 300-foot long ice-strengthened hull designed for the safe navigation through Antarctic waters.


Kyle describes this amazing informative adventure with us today.



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Welcome to Tribbles and Trilobites Episode 0227, my name is Troy Bernier, and the topic will be the wonderfully made short film Neon.  This captivating film is being described as a Fantasy Sci-Fi thriller.  With hints of inspiration from Philip K Dick, Ridley Scott, early Wachowski's Works, and the list goes on.

If you are a fan of Blade Runner, or of some of the recent bandwidth busting Marvel series masterpieces such as Luke Cage, DareDevil or Iron Fist you must not miss Neon.  It was shot entirely within the vast city of London, England.

The lead characters Joe Absolom (most known for Eastenders and his recent work Doc Martin) and Kerry Bennett (from Hollyoaks and Casualty) do an impressive job and will keep you engaged in the story.

This episode we have Mark J Blackman director who will tell you that Neon is a culmination of his decades of experience.  We also have Roxee Holman, the film's producer.  Their production company, the Joker's Pack has an impressive range of expertise in the international film industry, and we are honored to have them here with us.  Alright, let's dive in.

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